Monday, May 3, 2010

HUMAN RITHS REPORT: For the month of April 2010 (published on UNB )

HR report highlights extrajudicial killings, violence against women, journalists

Reported by: UNBconnect
Reported on: May 02, 2010 20:16 PM
Dhaka, May 2 (UNB)- Some ten people were killed allegedly at the hands of law enforcers in April, according to a report prepared by the Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR).

Besides, 836 people became victims of assault allegedly by members of law enforcing agencies during the same period.

On the other hand, nine law enforcers were killed in different incidents, including accidents, while they were on-duty. Besides, 164 others were injured and one remains missing from the same month.

The BIHR report based on published reports of different dailies also revealed that 11 incidents of HR violations were reportedly committed by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) across the frontier, claiming the lives of four people and injuring six others between April 1 and 30 April.

At least 19 leaders and activists of different political parties were killed and 818 others were injured due to political violence across the country.

Of them, 11 belong to ruling Awami League and its front organisations, five belongs to main opposition BNP and its front organisations and the remaining three belong to other organisations,
the BIHR said.

Around 161 people, including nine women and five children, were killed in different instances of social violence across the country during the same period.

Besides, some 2732 people were injured in instances of social violence and 12 people were beaten to death across the country during the same period.

The report recorded twenty-eight incidents of HR violations against journalists across the country. One journalist was killed, 16 were injured, three received threats while one child journalist was
kidnapped in April.
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