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HUMAN RITHS REPORT: For the month of June 2010

Ref: BIHR/HRR/06/07/2010                                                                  Date: 02.07.10

Despite of promising to promote and protect human right in Bangladesh, it is widespread across the country

(The State of Human Rights for the Month of June 2010)

The Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation registered with the Department of Social Welfare, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh based on the United Nation Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) dedicated to promote and protect human rights in Bangladesh. BIHR publishes its state of Human Rights for the period of June 01 to June 30, 2010. The report was prepared by the research and documentation cell of BIHR on the basis of report published on 12 national news papers from June 02 to July 01, 2010, fact-finding mission and its direct sources. BIHR is resents and is deeply concerned over the continuing human rights violations in Bangladesh despite the promises to promote human rights, especially in regards to Extra-judicial Killing. Adv. Shahanur Islam, the Secretary General of BIHR asks the Government to take prompt and effective measures ensuring and end to all kinds of violations as well as demands to investigate and bring the alleged perpetrations before the book, forming a special commission.

Human Rights Violation by State Party


BIHR defines “torture” as the violation of human rights anywhere in Bangladesh by any means enacted by personnel of the law enforcing agencies. During the reporting period June 1st to 30th in 2010, 556 people were tortured several places in Bangladesh by law enforcing agencies. Most of them were labour of garment factory and all of them tortured by policemen.

Death due to Killing:

During the reporting period, law enforcement agencies killed 13 people in different places in Bangladesh. Among them 3 people were killed by policemen, 7 were killed by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and 3 people were killed by joint forces comprising the member of RAB and Cost Guard. Among the incident 6 people were killed in the name of so called gun shootings, 3 were killed in the name of cross fire, and 4 were killed by torturing in police and RAB custody, which of them 2 under Police custody and 2 under RAB custody.

Death in Custody:

During the reporting period 4 people died in Police and RAB custody due to torture. Among them 2 were Police custody and 2 were RAB custody. During the period 7 prisoners were death in different jail in Bangladesh and 12 prisoners were injured due to prison clashes.

Border Conflict:
During the reporting period, 13 incidences of human rights violations were perpetrated by the Border Security Force (BSF), India and NASAKA, Myanmar. Among the incident 5 Bangladeshi citizens were killed by shootings, 2 people were killed by torture, 1 people were injured due to torture and 16 were injured due to shooting by the BSF. Moreover, 8 people were injured due to shooting by the NASAKA, Myanmar.
Organized Violence

Death due to Political Violence:

During the reporting period 17 political leaders, activists and supporters were killed in different political parties in Bangladesh. Among them 13 were the leaders, activist and supporter of the ruling party in Bangladesh, the Awami league and its associated wings, who are death due to their internal conflict.  Moreover, 4 were leaders, activist and supporters of Bangladesh Nationalist Party were killed in the same period, which of all of them were killed by their internal conflict.

Injured due to Political Violence:

During the reporting period 1021 political leaders, activists and supporters from different political parties in Bangladesh were injured. Among them 727 were the leaders, activists and supporters of the ruling party the Bangladesh Awami League and its associated wings, in which 592 of them were injured due to inner-party clashing and 77 were injured at the hand of the BNP and its associated wings and 58 people were injured by other parties and terrorists. Meanwhile, 208 leaders, activist and supporters of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its associated wings were injured, which of them 101 were injured due to inner-party clashes, 97 were injured at the hand of Bangladesh Awami League and its associate wings and 10 were injured by the hand of others. Moreover, 86 people of others different party were injured by different clashes.

Minority Repression:

During the reporting period, 34 minority peoples were injured, 4 were abducted, 6 were murdered due to 23 different incident of human rights violation including attacks, looting, vandalism, abduction, land grabbing, attempt to land grabbing, attempt to abduction, rubbery, destroying religious statue and murder. These offenses have taken place against the ethnical and religious minority community in several area of Bangladesh. 

Death Due to mass Beating:

During the reporting period, 14 people were killed in different place due to mass beating and 3 were injured due to same reason.

Violence against Women and Children

Rape and attempt to Rape:        

During the reporting period a total 39 women, children and adolescent girl were raped. Among them 8 were killed by perpetrators after rape and 31 were injured due to rape. All of them 10 were women and 29 were children and adolescent girls.  During the period 2 women and girl were victimized in gang rape and also fall in death due to gang rape.  Besides these incidents, 8 women and children were victimized in attempted rape.

Eve Teasing & Molestation:

The word molestation means, “sexual harassment through teasing, using abusive worlds, and unwanted disrobing. During the reporting period a total number of 43 women, adolescent girls and children, were victimized in eve teasing and molestation in several places in Bangladesh.

Acid Throwing:
During the reporting period 9 people were victimized by acid throwing. Among them, 4 were women and 4 were children and adolescent girl.

Violence Due to Dowry:

During the reporting period 12 house wives were killed and 9 were physically assaulted by their husbands or members of their husband’s family due to dowry and family related matters.

Abduction and Trafficking:                                                                    

During the reporting period 48 people were abducted from different places in Bangladesh. Among them 1 were women and 28 were children and adolescent girls. Besides this, 3 women and girls were attempted abduction.                                          

Suicide and suspected death:

During the reporting period 82 people committed suicide in different places in Bangladesh. Among them 51 were women and 9 were children and adolescent girls. Besides this, 7 were suspected death, which of them, 5 were women and 2 were others.

Other Social Violence

General Killing:

During the reporting period 186 people died due to different kinds of social violence in several place throughout Bangladesh. Among them 37 were women, 25 were children and adolescent girls and 124 were others.

Death due to Negligence and Dead Body Recovery: 

During the reporting period10 people died due to negligence as well as wrong treatment provided by their doctors. Among them 4 were women, 3 were children and 3 were others.  In the same time, 87 dead bodies were found in deferent places throughout Bangladesh. Among them 24 were women, 1 were children and 62 were others.                                      

Journalist and Human Rights Defender Repression:

Journalists and human rights defenders are considered to be the conscience of society. During the reporting period 18 incident of human rights violation has been perpetrated against journalist and human rights defender. Among of them, 1 was abducted, 2 were put to the jail custody, 5 were faced in case, 17 were injured and 2 were attacked on the journalist house.

Verdict of Death Sentence:

During the reporting period, the different court of Bangladesh pleased to issue order to death sentence against 21 people in 11 incidents.


To promote the existing human right situation in Bangladesh, it is necessary to stop all kinds of torture and extra-judicial killing as well as other human rights violations; to form a special commission to investigate the entire incident and bring the perpetrators before the law as soon as possible.

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