Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BIHR & HRDP celebrates the International Human Rights Day in Khulna

Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) and Human Rights development Project-Khulna (HRDP) supported by Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD), Netherlands celebrates the International Human Rights Day 2010 in Khulna, the southern region of Bangladesh. As the part of the celebration of this day it has organized a Human Chain followed by the Rally, on the theme of “Speak up: Stop Discrimination” to raise even more awareness about rights and opportunity for the women & girl to show support to those women & girl who are often victimized in violence in Bangladeshi society.

The Human Chain and Rally took place in front of the Cemetery Road, Khulna around at 9.30 am, the organization and more than four hundred people of different ethnic, religious, race, profession, sex, institution, age attend the event. Among them, more than 150 women victim of torture and organized violence from five different victim association namely Sonali Victim Association, Progoti Victim Association, Sheikhpara Victim Association, Diyara Victim Association & Banargati Victim Association who were rehabilitated by Bangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma Victims (BRCT) and acting as a human rights defender in local level were attend the event.

By doing this much attention was given to the cause and our banner was seen by more than fifty thousands of people passing by. In addition to this many photographers and other electronic and print media journalists were exposed to our event. After the group got big enough the rally marched down the street of Baily Babu Road, Sir Iqbal Road, Dhormo Sova Cross Road, Loha-Jessore Road and stopped at picture palace square, where the human chain took place around at 11.am to 11.30am.

During the event Ms. Konika Shaha, Commissioner of Khulna City Corporation, Adv. Aloka Nanda Das, Special Publice Prosecutor of the Special Tribunal for the Prevention of Women and Children Repression, Adv. Firoz Ahmed, Publice Prosecutor (PP) & Member of Executive Committee, Khulna Bar Association, Adv. Hasan Al Mahmud Sumun, Assistant Public Prosecutor of Khulna Judge Court, Mr. Saheb Ali, secretary of Khulna Press and Jamal Uddin Morol, Executive Director of HRDP delivered the speech mentioning 10 December, 2010 is international Human Rights Day, sanctioned by the United Nation to raise even more awareness about our cause and bring the message to the people of the Khulna.

Overall the program implemented by BIHR & HRDP was a huge success, many media was present, and most importantly the people were present. By having events like this we continue to raise awareness about the rights of people and challenge the norms of society to make it a more fair and just place for all.
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