Sunday, September 30, 2007

STATEMENT:Chief Adviser DR. Fakruddin Ahmed’s Claim of Transparent Trail of Sheikh Hasina in a Normal Court Under Normal Law in His Meeting With U. S.

Adv. Shahanur Islam Saikot Programme Manager-Legal & Human Rights Sheikh Hasina, the President of Bangladesh Awami League (A.L) was elected Prime Minster from 23 June 1996 to 15 July 2001 and was leader of opposition for two terms. During her tenure as prime minister of a poorest, problematic Bangladesh the price index of all day-to-day necessary commodities were stable for 5 years, which was quite unusual in the context of the past experience. Breaking all past record her govt. could turn food deficit Bangladesh into surplus Bangladesh. Prolong disastrous flood situation of 1998 was effectively managed by providing timely sufficient relief to the affected about 50 million masses without misappropriation of single drop of relief materials. Post flood infrastructures were recovered very promptly by the efficient leadership of Sheikh Hasina as a prime minister. None of the national & international communities could pass any single adverse remark about transparency of her govt. though she introduced weekly question hour in the Parliament and also appeared before the T. V. camera to allow the general people to ask any question about the transparency of herself and her govt. That was a unique method of appearance of the prime minister before the trial dock of the People’s Court as an accused to answer the conduct of the prime minister and her govt. directly to the whole nation in the live program of T.V. media. Sheikh Hasina requested the then leader of the opposition Begum Khaleda Zia to remain present with her to ask any question about the govt. But Khaleda Zia did not attend. Those few examples of transparency of the govt. of Sheikh Hasina clearly prove that she was above all corruption and that is why she could openly face the people in the live T.V. program. After change of her govt. in 1 Oct. 2001 election B.N.P.-Jamat alliance govt. started to victimize Sheikh Hasina and most of central, zilla ,upazilla ,union parishad leaders and active workers of A.L. with the target to annihilate secular democratic political leaders &workers from the political scene for everlasting their power and turn Bangladesh into Islamic State like Pakistan. As a result many false corruption charges were brought against Sheikh Hasina. Even there was killing attempt of Sheikh Hasina and top leaders of A.L. by grenade attack on 21 August 2004. Proceedings of those false cases were stopped by the High Court. The present Care Taker Govt. under the Chief Adviser Dr. Fakaruddin Ahmed is the consequence of the national demand under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. Whole nation under the united leadership of Sheikh Hasina extended their full support to this C.T. govt. with the deep aspiration of achieving a govt. of people representative in a free, fare & neutral election within 90 days as per constitution Art. 58(c). But the whole nations were surprised to see that the Armed Forces in the name of Joutha Bahini (Combined Force) jumped upon the leaders, workers of A.L. Just on their first stroke of attack under Emergency Rule. On the night of 11.1 07. without any specific allegation Mr.Kamal Ahmed Majumder (65) the ex. M.P. and an established business personality was arrested by Army without any charge and taken to the Army concentration camp and detained for days together with tight eyes and naked body in the cold night of January without giving any information to his family members. Even the personal staff of Sheikh Hasina Dr. Awlad, Mr.Babul were also arrested without any charge and taken away with tight eyes to the unknown destination of army torture cell under illegal detention for days together without giving any information to anybody. In the same way army started to arrest, detain, put into torture cell of Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (D.G.F.I.) many top leaders & workers of A.L. all over the countries without any specific charges and created reign of terror among the politicians with the attitude of taking revenge against the politics & politicians as is often done by Pakistan Army to de stable the politics in Bangladesh to pave the way to Islamic State with ultimate goal of Fundamentalist Rule like Afghanistan. At such terrorization by army in the disguise of civil C.T. govt. many senior leaders, workers & many businessmen became panic and went to safe shelter to avoid such illegal arrest, inhuman torture and indefinite detention without any specific charge. The whole nation fell into despair about the democratic future of Bangladesh but none from the politicians, civil societies came forward to protest in fear of arrest, torture & indefinite detention. At last Sheikh Hasina, known as the Daughter of Secular Democracy, raised her voice and demanded election within 90 days as per constitution Art. 58 (c) . To shut the voice of Sheikh Hasina for democratic Bangladesh the army under army backed C.T. govt. chalked out a master plan to put Sheikh Hasina into disqualification for future politics by instituting cases and inflicting punishment by the so called Special Court as tutored by the D.G.F.I. almost in the camera trial. Thy failed to search out any real allegations against her because of her extreme transparency & very simple livelihood. At this circumstances thy planed to fabricate false cases with the relevancies of any incident during the period of the govt. of Sheikh Hasina from 1996 –2001. The govt. of A.L. when came to power there was huge shortage of electricity and as per election manifesto power generation was an important priority. The A.L. govt. increased power generation from 1800 M.W. to 4300 M.W. within 1st three years which could not be crossed during last 7 years of B. N. P. - Jamat alliance govt. & C.T.govt. To accomplish those massive works the A.L. govt. engaged power plant installation contractors. The D.G.F.I. targeted those contractors to make their tools to fabricate false cases against Hasina under huge pressure by confining into torture cell of D.G.F.I. The illegally appointed legal advisers one of whose name is Barrister Tuhin Malik drafted the fabricated allegations, forced some of those power plant contractors to produce those drafted statements to the respective police stations. Accordingly, on 1.4.07. one Tajul Islam Farook instituted Tejgaon Police Station case no. 30 under section of law 385/386/387 Bangladesh Penal Code (B.P.C.) stating that he took by himself 30 million taka to S.Hasina in one suitcase on 12.12.98. Carrying of such huge amount of taka in one suitcase by one man was an impossible effort for which the allegation could not be accepted by the people as a fact. On 13.6.07. One Azam J.Chowdhury in the same way instituted 2nd false case against S.Hasina though in the contents of the allegation there is no mention of accepting money by her. This is Gulshan Police Station case no.34 under section of law 385/109 B.P.C. The 3rd case was instituted on the same day of Noor Ali in Tejgaon Police Station vide case no. 32 under section of Law 385/109 B.P.C. against S.Hasina charging to recive cash cheque of Tk.32 million in between 8.6.97. And 20.5.99.for about the duration of 2 years from said Noor Ali .It is an unbelievable story of giving and accepting money as a bribe under threat in such prolonging period. The signatories for withdraw of the money on the back of the said cash cheque was neither S. Hasina nor any of her representatives. The contents of all those 3 allegations do not relate to extortion under immediate threat of causing injuries to the complainant as per section of law 385 B.P.C . But it is astonishing to see that S. Hasina has been charged under that grave section of law so that she can be imprisoned for more than 7 years in each of the cases by Special Court in the camera trial. All the 3 complainants were chosen from among the Power Plant contractors. The last 4th case has been instituted by Anti Corruption Commission vide case no. 2 dated 2.9.07 in Tejgaon Police Station under Anti Corruption Law against S. Hasina. The contents of the allegation has never mentioned that she ever asked or accepted any illegal gratification. The person Mr. Aziz Khan another agent of power plant installation who has been alleged to have given the alleged of 30 million has denied the allegation of offering money to S.Hasina in a press release. His father was very close to Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahaman and his party A.L. from long time back. With that legacy of their allegiance to A.L.Mr. Aziz Khan including the whole family members of dist. Gopalganj are politically closed linked with A.L. and its President S.Hasina . His elder brother Lt. Col.(Retd.) Farooq Khan was M.P. twice as a nominee of A.L. For a long time as an usual convention they have been donating subscription to the party fund and special party program of A.L. With such subscription & donation of A.L. leaders, workers, supporters, sympathizers of home and abroad Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahaman Memorial Trust has been founded . S. Hasina and S. Rehana donated their only house in Dhanmondi Dhaka which was inherited from their father Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahaman.This Trust is managed and developed by a Board of members consisting of many eminent and respectable personalities of the nation including Professor of Emeritus Kabir Chowdhury, Justice K. M. Hasan , Advocate Gaziul Haque ,a legendary personality under whose leadership Language Movement of 21 Feb. 1952 was held which is now observed as International Mother Language day all over the world as per U.N. Resolution. S.Hasina and S.Rehana have been honored as President & Vice President respectively of the Trust. This Trust is giving stipend to more than 1200 poor talented students, assistance for treatment to many poor patient, donation to many poor people, rendering various other humanitarian services to different sectors of necessities. All accounts of the Trust are transparent and audited in regular interval. For expansion of the Trust office premises the adjacent land was purchased by the Trust at about Taka 60 million of which Taka 30 million was paid by the said Mr. Aziz Khan to the land owner in the year 1997.None of the law of Bangladesh or any other country and conscious citizens can put S.Hasina into the trial dock in any way for the transaction of the said money subscribed as a donation to the Trust which is obviously a public property. But it is a share misfortune for law abiding citizens of Bangladesh that how a govt. could misuse the law to victimize an important, honest, popular public leader like Sheikh Hasina. In this situation the people are bound to be worried about their own fate for victimization by such misrule at the hand of the Care Taker Govt. From the facts as described above it is very clear that all 4 cases instituted by this C.T. govt. are based on false and concocted charges showing the period from 1997 to 2000 that is those so called charges have been brought after more than 7 to 10 years. In between this period Khalda Zia’s B.N.P. - Jamat alliance govt. hunted for allegations against S.Hasina as their extreme political rival. But none of such allegations could be detected by that govt. Rather S. Hasina’s govt. by its sincere and transparent effort could save Bangladesh from continuous load shading by increasing power from 1800 M. W. to 4300M.W.within a very short time. During her period besides many other sectors of business the investment in industrial sector was booming creating lot of employment. The deficit Bangladesh was dreaming to enter into medium developed country within 2020. For such development with object to poverty alleviation she & her govt. were duly recognized by international communities on different occasions with various rewards even by Dr. Henry Kissinger. In recognition of her effective effort of poverty alleviation in a poorest country like Bangladesh she was invited as a special guest to deliver her ideas of such poverty alleviation in D-8 conference on 18 July 2001 even after she handed over the charge of Prime Minister on 15 July 2001. But it is mysterious that the C.T. govt. ignoring her huge good works for the nation is not only instituting false fabricated cases but also has added section of emergency rule so that she can be tried in special court to be awarded pre planned punishment in the camera trial by the tutored judges. Another vindictive attitude of the govt. against S. Hasina has surprised the whole nation. S. Hsina was arrested on 16.7.2008. Under cordon of more than 1000 Police, R.A.B, B.D.R, Army, as if she is a veteran criminal, in a very disrespectful manner & bailed out by the Hon’ble High Court on 2.8.07. There is seldom any precedence to appeal to the Supreme Court by the govt. against any bail because any bail can be cancelled at any time by bail granting court for any violation of the conditions of the bail. But in case of S. Hsina’s bail the govt. instantly filed an appeal to the Supreme Court against the bail and simultaneously shown her arrested in another concocted case under section of emergency rule. As per law, bail is a fundamental right and so long there are no possibilities of the person on bail to disappear after the bail, normally bail is not denied. The personality like S. Hasina has no scope to disappear, so there is no valid ground to suspend bail by the Supreme Court. But so far the perception of the people of Bangladesh the Judges of the Supreme Court avoided contradiction with the govt. policy of prolong detention of S. Hasina into jail suspended the bail granted by the High Court for fear of harassment in the name of so called property statement to the A.C.C. of Lt.Genl.(Retd.) Hassn Masud Chowdhury who earned his name as an initiator of extra judicial killings of 58 persons as the Army Chief in the name of OPERATION CLEAN HEART. He had an unusual meeting with the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court chamber along with Inspector General of Police a few days back of that appeal to the Supreme Court. All those day light facts of abusing the minimum Human Rights to S. Hasina are obviously in the knowledge of the Chief Adviser Dr. Fakruddin Ahmed. So his misguiding statement to His Excellency Joseph Crowley, the Congressman of the U.S. Congress, on 23 Sept. in New York regarding treating S. Hasina under normal Law and International standard of Human Right is not expected from a personality like Dr. Fakaruddin Ahmed who is holding a highest office as a Chief Adviser with the rank status of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Such conduct of distortion of facts obviously speaks that the democratic future is at stake in the hand of the C.T. govt. under the Chief Adviser Dr. Fakaruddin Ahmed. To rescue the democracy in Bangladesh immediate holding of election is necessary under updated voter list as per of the Supreme Court directions instead of waiting for prolonging process of photo voter list & I. D. card. The state of Emergency should immediately be lifted for the sake of the normal functioning of the court for protecting the Human Rights of every citizen of Bangladesh from severe abusing by the Army backed C. T. Govt.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

STATEMENT:Directorate General of Forces Intelligence, an invisible Government and Breeding Spot of Fabrication of False Cases

Adv. Shahanur Islam Saikot Programme Manager-Legal & Human Rights The Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) is an intelligence unit of Bangladesh Arm forces is headed by one Maj. General Golam Mohammad with his two closest associates (i) Brig. General Fazlul Bari (ii) Brig. General Amin having head quarter in Dhaka Cantonment. It has countrywide network based on all cantonments in Bangladesh. This DGFI started to play various political games during the regimes of Lt. Gen. Ziaur Rahman (1 975-1981) and Lt. Gen Hossain Mohammad Ershad (1981-1990). Both the generals in politics, ignoring all army service rules, from their office of chief of army staff formed political parties Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and Jatiyo Party (JP). Both of them adopted the same method to form their political parties. They used DGFI to call the leaders of various political parties, proposed to join king’s political parties or to suffer inhuman torture, prolong detention, false cases under special power act etc. If they join to king party there was reward of minister, importance portfolio of government, profitable industries and business with the government Bank money etc. Many political leaders could not stand to their own political values but to surrender to the evil design of politics of the Generals. That is the main reason why and how the generals have made the politicians corrupt and the politics has become difficult for real politicians with real political values of serving the nation with dedications. The new-rich politicians of king political parties created by those two generals Zia and Ershad were pioneer of rigging election and declaration of false result in favor of them by pouring their black money in to election conduct process rights from preparation of voter list, vote custing and publishing election result through huge bribing of election conducting government officials. In this way those two generals in politics acquired two third majority in the parliament to ratify all illegal acts under Martial law regulation and ordinances. Now it has become a convention even for the real political leaders to depend upon money besides popular votes to win the election. Such prevailing situation in Bangladesh has been compelling many medium grade politicians to earn money in order to win the election. Here lies the main reason of political corruption. But it is astonishing to see that although the election conducting gov’t officials are principal beneficiaries of electioneering corruption have been remaining untouched because of their continuation of all time power. The powerless politicians after losing their power under unconstitutional care taker government are the main victim without having opportunity of taking shelter in the Govt. tutored court. The present DGFI has adopted more aggressive attitude under Army led care taker government than the previous martial law government. The people perception is DGFI is mainly guided by i) Brig. Gen. Bari and ii) Brig. amin. These two officers are closely linked with Jamat-E-Islami politics and it top brass Motiur Rahman Nizami. Their target is to promote Jamat to –power in next election at least through a coalition government. With that target in view they are manipulating this government to prolong in power so that during this gap two popular parties Awami League and BNP can be broken in absence of its two party chief. In absence of those two party chiefs neither of the factions of those two parties will be able to form government independently with absolute majority in the next election. Such situation will bring favor to Jamat to form government and Bangladesh will turn in to Islamic state like Pakistan. During the last alliance government Jamat was a vital partner. Their involvement with fundamental militant activities is well known to national and international communities through mass media. But so far no Jamat leader has yet been arrested on militant charges reportedly under the direct shelter of Brig. Gen. Bari and Brig Gen. Amin. These two Brigadier’s General pose them in their private and official dialogue they are making the policies of the government in association with law adviser Mr. Moinul Hossain, Anti Corruption Commission Chairman Lt. Gen.(rtd) Hasan Mashud Chowdhury. The DGFI in the name of so called Anti Corruption Drive slogan is arresting any of their targeted persons tightening their eyes, bringing to DGFI torture cell, throwing them naked in to ice cold black hole for hours together, next putting them in to hot chamber and electric shock center, interrogating alternately through couple of nights taking their written statements which is authorized by the tutored magistrate court to use it as confessional statement against themselves and their other political leaders to fabricate false cases with the charge of corruption. As per criminal Procedure code an arrested person must have to be produced before the nearest court within 24 hours after arrest. But DGFI is caring little to the binding of the law. They are picking a person in dead our of nights with tights eyes taking him to unknown destination to their torture cell, detaining for couple of days without showing official arrest to avoid binding of law. This simply reign of terror has been prevailing in Bangladesh since 11 January 2007 like Sadam’s Iraque. Law adviser Moinul Hossain is framing new laws and Anti Corruption Commission chairman Lt. Gen(rtd). Hasan Mashud Chowdhory is framing distorted or false cases to justify the notorious activities of DGFI. From past record it is known that Brig. Gen. Bari was Director of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) while Mr. Anwarul Iqbal, the present adviser of the care taker government was the Director General of RAB. They were the initiator of extra judicial mass killing. ACC chairman Lt. Gen (rtd). Hasan Mashud Chowdhury, as chief of staff of Army, also initiated extra judicial mass killing in the name of OPERATION CLEAN HEART. Mr. Mainul Hossain, the law adviser was also involved in several murders on the issues of ownership of the Daily Ittefaq with his younger brother Anwar Hossain Manju. It is a share misfortune for the people of Bangladesh that the main those policy makers of the care taker government has little sense of humanity for their own goal and own egos. Sheikh Hasina, the president of AL, a most popular political personality, a legendary honest prime minister of Bangladesh the people have ever seen is glaring example of victim of false cases and detention in jail after obtaining bail from the high court. To save Bangladesh from such regime of terror, DGFI activities must have to be limited within arm forces only, immediate withdrawal of emergency rule, opening all political activities, releasing all political person to let them face trial on bail, holding election within very short time if necessary with supreme court directed updated voter list and hand over power to the people representatives. Those suggestions are the necessity of time to establish secular democracy and protection of Human Rights in Bangladesh.

Monday, September 24, 2007

STATEMENT:Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), an Invisible Government Within Care Taker Government Has Become Prime Barrier in the Road

Adv. Shahanur Islam Saikot Programme Manager-Legal & Human Rights Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) is an intelligence unit of Bangladesh Arm forces under the command of Maj. General Golam Mohammad as Director Genaral and Director (i) Brig. General Fazlul Bari (ii) Brig. General Amin. They are based in Dhaka Cantonment with cantonment wise network all over the country. Officially they have no legitimacy to interfere in to politics. But after August 15, 1975 the killing of democratic leader Bangabundhu Sheikh Muzibur Rahman army was in power under general Ziaur Rahman and Lt Genaral Hossain Mohammad Ershad and DGFI started to play vital role on behalf those army rulers to form kings parties like BNP of Ziaur Rahman and Jatio Party (JP) of Ershad. In forming those king parties the DGFI searched for corrupt politicians of various other political parties, brought them to their torture centre, put them in to threat of torture and institution of false cases against them unless they are joining the kings’ party. That was how Bangladesh nationalist Party (BNP) and Jatio Party (JP) were formed by the DGFI. In the present context the Army backed care taker government is actually led by Army. The army Chief Gen. Moyeen U Ahmed is announcing the state policies in various public forums. In the Background the DGFI is formulating those policies. The two persons of DGFI Brig. General Bari and Brig. General Amin are known as the hard core of those policy makers. Brig. General Bari is well known as a pioneer of extrajudicial killing of apid Action battalion (RAB) while he was Director of RAB and Mr. Anwarul Iqbal, Present Adviser of care taker Government was Director General of RAB. Both Brig. Gen. Bari and Amin are known as strong supporter of Jamat-E-Islami and closely linked with its Amir, Motiur Rahman Nizami. The attitude of Present government clearly shows that they want to form an alliance of Jamat, Progressive Democracy Party (PDP), factions of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Awami Leauge etc. The whole process is being manifested by those two Brig. Gen. of DGFI. They are abducting politicians, businessmen, lawyers and important personalities, putting them under severe torture to make statement as their own will and fabricating false cases against the targeted politicians specially Sheikh Hasina who is considered to be the only obstacle in the road to their evil design of breaking political parties to form their obedient alliance to promote Jamat-E- Islami in to power. In the face of the demand of national and international communities the chief advisor Mr. Fakruddin Ahmed on 09.09.07 announced unconditional withdrawal ban on indoor politics. Immediately after the announcement of chief advisor some 11 points precondition on indoor politics were announced by Mr. Mainul Hossain, the law Advisor restricting in door politics all over the country except Dhaka. It is a common opinion of most of conscious citizen that those conditions were re-imposed by DGFI under the spokesman ship of the law advisor. The design of such re imposition of the restriction is to stop the voice of root level leaders and worker of AL and BNP against the desired reformation of minus two theories by some selected central leaders. The economic activities have been damaged due to fear of illegal arrest and false cases against businessmen by the DGFI men on fabricated charges. The judiciary is also put under threat in the name property statement called by Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) which is also headed by an ex army Chief Lt. Gen (rtd). Hasan Mashud Chowdhory, another pioneer of extra judicial killing in name of operation clean heart, while he was the army chief in 2003-05. The DGFI is so much so exerting their unauthorized power that nobody knows when in the midnight whose doors are knocked and abducted to unknown destination at least for a few days before handing over to the police, then to jail for indefinite period without bail. The eminent professor of Dhaka University and Rajshahi University could not be saved from such allegation, late production to police and detained to jail for indefinite period. To protect democracy the un-authorized political interference of DGFI must have to be stopped and emergency should be withdrawn immediately to create congenial atmosphere of political activities.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

STATEMENT:Democracy & Human Rights Not Safe at the Hand of the Present Unconstitutional Gov’t of Bangladesh Backed by Army not supported by the People

Adv. Shahanur Islam Saikot Programme Manager-Legal & Human Rights The present Army backed care taker government under Dr. Fakruddin Ahmed took oath on 11 January 2007 under the Constitution of Bangladesh Article 58 (C) with mandatory constitutional binding to hold general election within 90 days and hand over power to the people representative. 90 days time frame already crossed on 11 March 2007 but this gov’t could not yet hold the election. They are taking the plea of preparation of Photo voter list and voter national ID card. As per constitution this is not mandatory but holding of general election within 90 days is mandatory. To hold the election within constitutional time frame the Bangladesh Supreme Court passed an order to update the existing voter list which could be completed maximum within one month and within next two months the election could easily be held to maintain the constitutional time frame. But this gov’t claims to be backed by army not supported by the people for which they are pro-army not pro-people gov’t. That it is an Army Govt. under civilian label like Pakistan. So this gov’t, to materialize the desire of Army as per blue print of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan has chalked out a master plan to put all the popular, secularist, democratic public leaders of the 2 most popular political parties behind the bar on concocted charges of corruption, extortion, tax evasion etc and conviction in camera trial by special court. A large number of widely known corrupt politicians have not been touched because of their underhand allegiance with the blue print of this government. As an example Mr. Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan, the ex local gov’t minister of immediate past BNP- Jamat gov’t had been detected as a most corrupt minister by transparency International of Bangladesh (TIB) has not yet been charged with corruption rather he and his many other political associates have been allowed to continue political activities although during the time all political activities was restricted under emergency power ordinance. Similar is the case with Dr. Ferdous Ahmed Qureshi. He maintains strong allegiance with the army. So, no political restriction has put any bar in his indoor and out door political programme. Under the direct guidance and finance of the government he has formed a new political party named Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) and regularly he is performing political programme. But their government backed so called political activities could not yet receive public support rather they have been facing severe public criticism and they are always afraid to face the public without security protection. On the other hands Sheikh Hasina, a most popular leader, a legendarily honest personality, once prime minister of Bangladesh and twice the leader of opposition, popularly known as the daughter of secular democracy, the president of the oldest and most popular democratic political party Awami League has been put in to jail since 16 July 2007 on absolutely false charges of extortion occurred in 1997 and 2000. The general Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League Mr. Abdul Jalil, Senior Joint Secretary of AL Mr. Obaidul Quader, Presidium member of AL Mr. Jafrullah Chowdhury , Mr. Sheikh Fazlul Haq Selim, Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir and many other top leaders of AL have been arrested and detained on false charges for months together without allowing bail petition under special power act. Although Sheikh Hasina instituted Habeas Corpus in high court Bench and was granted bail on 02 August 2007 but on an unusual appeal by the government to the Supreme Court, the High Court order of granting bail has been stayed with a motive to delay and denial of process of justice. The above facts clearly prove the double standard attitude of this government which can not establish the desired level of secular democracy in Bangladesh but to pave the way to army rule in disguise of civilian rule like Pakistan. Such situation in near future will put Bangladesh in the hand of fundamentalist terrorist like Tale ban of Afganistan. The adviser Mr. Mainul Hossain on 27 August 2007 in press conference has categorically disclosed that this government is not a care taker government as per constitution. It is army backed national government though there is no provision of national government in the constitution. This clearly proves that an unconstitutional army government under civilian disguise is running the government. The restriction on political activities, massive arrest of top leaders of secular democratic political parties, not taking actions against the fundamentalist political leaders and their militant terrorist associates, Bangladesh is going to become a safe heaven of fundamentalist terrorist activist. Within near future that terrorist activist will expand their activities not only within Bangladesh territory but also to the neighboring country especially in India. Already the symptom of their activities has been surfaced in Hyderabad of India. The government of Bangladesh has issued a circular on 12 August 2007 from Home Ministry Memo no (Pol-2)/Report/43-2007/92 with direction to all senior government officials to be cautious in their movement because the fundamentalist terrorist may kidnap them as a ransom to force the government to free their arrested leaders from the jail custody who were arrested by the last government. One Zaved Iqbal, a fundamentalist terrorist was convicted for 20 years for throwing bomb inside chittagong court on 03 October 2005. He is facing trial in another bomb throwing case. On 28 August 2007 he, on the trial dock in the same Chittagong court has threatened that his other associates are well trained and very active to re-organize themselves for further massive attack in order to capture state power like Tale ban of Afganistan. To save Bangladesh from the threat of Fundamentalist terrorist and stop their expansion in to neighboring countries, democratic political activities must have to be restored immediately and hand over power to the people representatives through early election. There is no valid ground to delay election under the trap of prolonging process of Photo-voter list and national identity card. The existing voter list can be updated as was directed by Supreme Court. Voter list updating will require maximum 2 months. So, election can easily be held within January or February of 2008.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

STATEMENT:Mysterious Steps of the Unconstitutional Caretaker Gov’t Confused the Secular Democratic Future of Bangladesh.

Adv. Shahanur Islam Saikot Programme Manager-Legal & Human Rights The care taker gov’t took over power on 11.01.07 under Article 58 (c) of Bangladesh constitution .As per the said Article of the constitution the care taker Govt. only task is to hold election within 90 days and to hand over power to the people representative .But this care taker Gov’t keeping away their main objective has engaged its prime efforts to de-estabilize the main two political parities Bangladesh Nationalist Party (B.N.P)and Awami League (A.L) . In the name of Anti-corruption drive the Task Force and Anti Corruption Commission Mej. Genl. (Retd) M A Matin and Lt. Gen. (retd) Hasan Mashud Chowdhury respectively have jumped upon the politicians all over the country. Many senior leaders including Sheikh Hasina, President Bangladesh Awami League and Begum Khaleda Zia, Chair Person of BNP both former Prime Ministers of Bangladesh has been put in to jail on false and fabricated allegations. Till now about 2,50, 000 political persons have been detained in the jail without trial. High court bench has granted bail to Sheikh Hasina and some others leaders. But the government as decided by Army authority is arresting in another false case to continue the detention. None of the Politicians of AL and BNP arrested by this gov’t since 11 January 2007 could be released from the jail. But the government is not touching any leader of fundamentalist political party Jamat- E – Islami and its terrorist allies though severe complain of terrorist activities, smuggling of huge amount of arms and ammunitions, corruptions have been found against them. The perception of the whole nation is that the arrest of sheikh Hasina is absolutely unjustified in the context of her personal and political reputations. From top to bottom, she is a secular, democratic and nationalist leader. She has never compromised with undemocratic regimes, particularly Army backed regimes. To uphold her democratic movement she had to encounter several attempts of death. But she never succumbed to any threat on her path to established secular democracy and human rights in Bangladesh. She is known as daughter of democracy to the people of Bangladesh. She was prime minister from 23 June 1996 to 15 July 2001. As a prime minister she established transparency of her government by introducing Prime Minister Question hour in the parliament and T.V. media. She took many positive steps for poverty alleviation. Due to her honest, sincere and effective administrative capabilities the food deficit hungry Bangladesh not only became self sufficient but also produced 10, 00,000 ton excess food grain. The price level of all commodities was absolutely stable during her 5 years gov’t period. In all sectors of development like education, health, communications, electricity, sport, industry, business, employment etc the county was galloping towards progress and the people of Bangladesh were aspiring to reach medium developed country by 2015. From October 2001 to 2006 sheikh Hasina was not in gov’t. So the allegation of de-institionalization of gov’t organization like Election Commission, Judiciary, Public Service Commission, Civil Administration, Police etc to manipulate the election do not lie upon Sheikh Hasina. The Care Taker government Chief Adviser, other Advisors, the army chief Gen. Moyeen U Ahmed are often pronouncing “level playing field” for a fair and neutral election. But till now no specific definition of so called “level Playing Field” has been announced before the nation. In the name of so called level playing field slogan the gov’t is arresting and detaining top political leaders without any specific charge and they are not allowed bail under the shadow of emergency Rule. It is surprising to note that the gov’t is victimizing the leaders of BNP and AL. Because in any fair election either of those two parties will form the gov’t. The political victimization by the care taker government clearly shows their ill motive to cut in size those most popular political Parties in the hope to promote the fundamentalist Jamat-e- Islami and newly formed Progressive democratic Party (PDP) of gov’t. Selected party Chief Dr. Ferdous Ahmed Qureshi into power in the next election. It means the purpose of the so called level playing field is nothing but cut in size the BNP and Al to the level of Jamal-E-Islami and PDP. The people of Bangladesh have experienced in the post election that the election conducting gov’t Authorities including chief election commissioner, civil Administration, Army, Police etc were solely responsible for election rigging, declaration of false election result. So, naturally the people expected that the slogan of level playing field will be manifested by detecting those corrupted gov’t. Officials band taking drastic actions against them. But this gov’t. has never touched any those corrupt official so far. Even no election conducting rule has been formulated to punish those gov’t officials who will be found to manipulate the next general election through rigging and false declaration of election result in favor of their chosen candidate. The gov’t has pointed their finger only to the politician for fair election knowing fully well that those politicians have little to do during polling in presence of mighty election conducting gov’t officials. For fair election Sheikh Hasina as leaders of grand political alliance put the demand of correct voter list with photograph and transparent ballot box. The EC has agreed for voter list with photograph but refused transparent ballot box. The European commission proposed to supply the required numbers of transparent ballot boxes free of cost and the produced a sample of such box before the election commission. The people of Bangladesh do not find any valid ground for rejection of transparent ballot box by the election commission. On the other hand preparation of voter list with photograph is very difficult and prolonging task and no positive steps could be taken so far for 7 months except only some town out of total country. Considering the prolonging process of preparation of voter list with the photograph the honorable Supreme Court suggested updating the existing voter list. But the election commission has turned down the suggestion of the honorable high court division of supreme court with the plea that they can not go against the demand of political parties put forward by Sheikh Hasina with out other demand of easy procurable transparent ballot box has been rejected by the same election Commission. Such double faced decision of the election commission clearly has created doubt that they have ill motive to put the next general election in to trap of voter list preparation to create scope of prolonging power for the present unconstitutional care taker gov’t. So the nation is in dark about the future of democracy in Bangladesh.