Thursday, July 9, 2009

URGENT APPEAL: Bangladesh: Indigenous (tribal) girl raped and murdered in CHT [UA-BA-09.2009]

The Hague, 9 July 2009 URGENT APPEAL [UA-BA-09.2009] BANGLADESH: Indigenous (tribal) girl raped and murdered in CHT. ------------------------------------------------------ ISSUES: Rape, killing, protection of minorities and women. ------------------------------------------------------ Dear friends, Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) has received a fact-finding report from Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) who investigated the brutal rape and killing of a young indigenous girl by a Bengali guard in the Bandarban District, Bangladesh. Maching Khai Marma (18) was raped then killed with a brick at around on May 8, 2009. A 13-year old boy witnessed the incident from a nearby forest. FACT DETAILS: Name of the Victim :Maching Khai Marma (18) Adress of the Victim :Vill: Remong Member Para, 305, Gojalia Village, Union: Gojalia, Police Station: lam, District: Bandarban.. Name& Address of the perpetrator: withheld Date of the Incident: : 08 May 2009, at around 5.30 PM Place of Incident : Rejected brick field of Najmul Islam, Vill: Atmile Muslim Para, 305, Gojalia, Police Station: Lama, District: Bandarban. Case file : Lama Police Station Case Number: 03/45 Date of Case : 09 May, 2009 around at 11.30 PM Under Section : 302 of Penal Code BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Maching Khai Marma (18) had gone to gather some bricks from the rejected brick field of Najmul Islam of village Atmile, when the guard grabbed her and raped her savagely. The girl cried that she would inform her parents about the crime, as a result he gagged her with clothing and repeatedly beat her at the back side of her head with a brick until she died. A young boy (13), witnessed the incident from the nearby forest and told the villagers on next day. Thereafter, the victim’s father along with the neighbors and villagers picked up the suspect and handed him over to Lama police station on 9 May 2009 and a filed case under section 302 of penal code with the Lama police station. The autopsy was completed according to the instructions of the court on May 12, 2009. The suspect has already confessed to the crime and legal procedures has been initiated. The local police has so far taken appropriate action and registered the case accordingly, reports BIHR. RECOMMENDATION GHRD is deeply concerned about the continuous and widespread violence against women and children, in particular minority and indigenous women, that prevails in Bangladesh. We have also observed with concern that there is a high level of impunity for these crimes in the country. GHRD therefore welcomes the positive and accurate action taken by the police authorities in this case. We trust the investigation and trial will be conducted, that the perpetrator will be brought to justice and financial compensation awarded to the victim’s family. Specifically, we recommend the local authorities: 1. To submit the chart sheet proving the incident of rape after murder of Maching Kai Marma as true with Senior Judicial Magistrate of Bandarban district as soon as possible after completing an impartial investigation. 2. To ensure exemplary punishment of the perpetrator in accordance with the law. 3. To provide adequate financial compensation to the victim’s family as well as guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of them; 4. To ensure the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms throughout the country in accordance with national laws and international human rights standards both of general people and government authority; 5. To provide human rights education and training to both of general people and government authority in accordance with national laws and international human rights standards We trust that this case shall be dealt with accordingly. Thank you. Would you like to receive urgent appeals directly in your email inbox? Simply click here and subscribe to our Appeals Desk Terug naar vorige pagina
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