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FACT FINDING REPORT: Life of human rights defender, lawyer, blogger, journalist & writer is under risk

Dhaka: December 08, 2012
Mr. Shahanur Islam @ Saikot, founding secretary general of JusticeMakers Bangladesh, legal & human rights editor of the monthly Bengali magazine “Doyel” as well as member of the “Bangladesh Bar Council”and district “Bar Association of Dhaka” has been victimized in different occasions due to his activities to publish report on
abusing law and human rights by the state agencies and state sponsored terrorist including powerful political, social and religious group.

He also moved many cases against the perpetrators as a lawyer and some of them have been punished. He also conducted many investigations and fact-finding missions on human rights violations as well as issued local and international urgent appeals requesting attention to concerned authorities. Due to his playing vital role for protection and promotion of human rights and criminal justice in Bangladesh, he receipt  JusticeMakers Fellowship-10, awarded by International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), Switzerland 

Brief case history:

Mr. Shahanur Islam has been victimized in different occasions previously due to his activities to protect and promote human rights in Bangladesh.

December 07, 2012 (death threats):

Advocate Shahanur Islam @ Saikot has been received death threats along with his family. On 7th December 2012 around at 6.50 pm, he received threats for the life of his wife, mother and him over mobile phone, while he was staying at his home.

A general diary (GD) has been lodged in this connection with Mohammadpur police station under Dhaka metropolitan police (DMP) being general diary number 547, dated 7 December 2012 and Mr. Selim Reja, sub inspector (SI) of the said police station has been assigned for take action, but yet no initiative has been taken to take action against the allege perpetrator.

According to the information, one unknown people asked Mr. Islam about his staying place at that moment using the mobile phone on Friday early of the night around at 6.50 pm and threatened him to kill being angry as fire, while Mr. Islam asked the perpetrator about his identity instead of disclosed Mr. Islam's staying place due to security reason. Latter, the alleged perpetrator again phoned him and uttered filthy language toward Mr. Islam. Furthermore, the perpetrator uttered filthy language about Mr. Islam’s mother and wife and later, he threatened Mr. Islam to kill his mother and wife. Meanwhile, the alleged perpetrator identified him as death of Mr. Islam and the said perpetrator assured that he will be appeared before Mr. Islam in due time. Finally, he switched off his phone after making caution that Mr. Islam will be suffered for the effect of his continuing activities immediately.

April 03, 2012 (physical harassment in police station and trying to arrest ):

On April 03, 2012 Mr. Islam has tried to been arrest after physically harassment at Mohammadpur police station under Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) by the then duty officer and sub inspector Mr. Yusuf while Mr. Islam went to the said police station for registering a general diary (GD) regarding threats received by him to withdraw the case filed with the learned judicial magistrate court in Naogaon district against nine prison and police officials alleging to take bribe and death due to negligence after torture at police custody.

On April 03, 2012 around at 7.30 pm Mr. Islam along advocate Mohammd Alamgir, founding vice chairman of JusticeMakers Bangladesh and also member of Bangladesh Bar Council and Dhaka Bar Association went to the said police station to file a general diary regarding the said matter. Then, Mr. Islam submitted a written statement to the duty officer Mr. Yusuf for register a general diary describing about his current threats. But the duty office threw the paper opposite side of his table mentioning he would not register any general diary regarding taking bribe, torture and death due to negligence. Then, Mr. Islam requested him to again read the whole statement carefully. At this stage Mr. Yusuf calling to Mr. Islam “beyadop” became angry as fire again rejecting to register the general diary. Then Mr. Islam asked him to give written statement for rejection to register the GD. Suddenly Mr. Yusub being violent jumped one side of his table from his chair and grabbed the color of the shirt of Mr. Islam and tried to put him in too the lock up of the said police station. In this time Advocate Mohammad Alamgir managed the duty officer not not put Mr. Islam in to the lock up humbly requesting him. Then the duty officer register the general diary being Mohammadpur police station GD number 261 dated 03.04.12 and  assigned to Sub inspector Afjal Hossain to investigate the incident of general diary.

Later Mr. Islam filed a complaint to National Human Rights Commission to bong the perpetrator before the book and the commission issue an order to the ministry of home to investigate the indent of violation. But yet, no investigation conducted by the ministry of home.

Finally, on Mr. Islam filed a petition case under section352 and 355 of penal code with the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate court on April 18, 2012 and the learned magistrate pleased to issue an order to the deputy commissioner of DMP (Tejgaon Zone) to submit the report by June 13, 2012 after proper investigation. But the police submitted destroyed report on June 06, 2012 stating that the allegation was not true failing to manage Mr. Islam to withdraw the case.

December 25, 2011 (threats by policeman):

On December 25, 2011, Mr. Islam and his associate, during the fact finding investigation on the incident of death of a businessman in jail custody due to torture as well as negligence of treatment for bribe at Badalgachhi Upazila undernaogaon district, some civil dressed people (it is assumed by the fact finding team that they were security personnel dressed as civilians) were continuously following the investigation team intend to create scaring atmosphere. When the fact finding team contacted the accused policeman Assistant Sub Inspector Rabiul Islam about his statement regarding taking bribe through cell phone, he refused to talk rather he handed over the phone to Sub Inspector Rafikul Islam and Mr. Islam threatened to Mr. Shahanur Islam, head of the fact finding team stating proudly that "we are entitled to take money from accused person for our cost of fuel, tea and cigarette. So, you can not do anything against our activities, rather you will face trouble to further continue your activities." He also told that "We want to see your power, show us your power, if you have any power to stop our activities, you can exercise it; otherwise go to hell".

December 05, 2011 (threats):

On December 05, 2011 early morning around at 01.20 am, Mr. Shahanu Islam, received a threatening call from +8801726832465. Introducing himself as Bulet, a devoted Muslim people, the caller threatened Mr. Islam stating that you bustard trying to establish gay rights in Bangladesh. Be a good man, leaving gay fucking. Otherwise, we the Muslim people in Bangladesh will learn you properly, so that you forget about gay rights.  Still, you have enough time to come back to the way of Islam. If you do not come under umbrella of Islam and you again encourage people to continue gay life, you will be killed.” Hearing the threatening call, Mr. Islam switched off the cell. Then, Mr. Islam received the once again threatening call from above mention number as soon as Mr. Islam switched on his cell phone. The caller again threatened Mr. Islam stating that you are under our observation. We will follow your every step. You will not get release from us. If you think that you will get release from us keeping your cell phone switched off, you are still living in the heaven of fool.”  Then Mr. cut the call and blocked that phone number. But later the caller sent a threatening text massage to Mr. Islam stating that “Ur 14 generations mthr fuck u male pros fuckn gay off”.

On the same day morning Mr. Islam went to the Concerned Mohammadpur Police Station to file a First Information Report (FIR) to bring the perpetrators before the book as well as ensure his physical security connecting the threatening phone call and text massage. But the concerned police official denied filing FIR or GD. Rather, the official treated him as guilty person by his behaviour.

Recently on 30 November, 2011 Mr. Islam posted a massage to Internet based Bangladeshi gay forum “Gay Bangladesh” asking a gay victim of physical abused to communicate him to get legal support to bring the perpetrators who abused him.

October 10, 2011( cyber threats to hang):

On October 10, 2011, Mr. Shahanur Islam received threats from an unknown youtube user "udoy1" threatening to be hang through Mr. Islam's youtube channel "saikotbihr" where Mr. Islam recently broadcasted a fact finding investigation Tweenty two indigenous student beaten and tortured by the police during peaceful procession.

The perpetrators stated his massage that “This reporter should be hang. He is a active RAW (research and analysis, India) member. Where is our DGFI and NSI.....? What they are doing..?"

After receiving the threatening massage Mr. Islam went to the concerned Mohammadpur police station, D.M.P to file a First Information Report (FIR), but the concerned duty officer denied to file it. Then Mr. Islam filed General Diary (G.D) being Mohammadpur Police Station GD Number 826, dated 10.10.2011 appealing his physical security. But till the date the police authority nither take any initiative to identify and arrest the perpetrators nor ensure the physical security of Mr. Islam. Rather the police authority asked Mr. Islam not to do any dangerous activities in the name of Human Rights.

August 24, 2011 (physical assault):

On the 24th of August 2011 Mr Shahanur Islam (Saikot) was at a print shop in Dhaka “New Konica Digital Studio”, Mahbub Plaza, 21/A, Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1000 around 5 pm (Bangladesh time) and asked one of the customers who was using Internet if he could print a one-page document. The man, who was a customer himself, asked that Mr. Islam pay him 40 Taka for use of the facility (over four times the usual value), which Mr. Islam refused to pay. The man then became violent in front of the other customers and he started to kick and slap Mr Islam. As a result his scalp, left elbow, left knee and right shoulder was injured.

There were some 10 people witnessing the incident and who shouted to the man to stop beating upon Mr. Islam, and he then stopped and left the shop. Mr. Islam then called Mr. Krisno Pad Roy, Deputy Police Commissioner (DC), Ramna Zone, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, and told him of the assault, requesting police assistance. The Deputy Police Commissioner did nothing but told Mr. Islam to call Shahbag Police Station. Mr. Islam then called to Mr. Rejaul Karim, Officer in Charge (OC) of Shahbag Police Station, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), and asked him to come to the scene and investigate the matter. The OC told Mr. Islam to inform the patrol police who are on duty near the location of the incident. Mr. Islam told the OC that he was not able to find the patrol police and requested that the OC inform them of what happened. The OC agreed to do so but after one hour of waiting at the scene, no police had come to Mr. Islam’s aid.

Mr. Islam received emergency treatment from the Emergency Out Door of Dhaka Medical College Hospital on the same day.

Mr. Islam does not recognize the attacker but has found out that his name is Mehedi, further identity unknown.

On the day of the assault, Mr. Islam went to the Shahbag Police Station to file an FIR on the case, but the duty officer refused to file it, telling Mr. Islam to go talk with the OC of Shahbag Police Station. Then Mr. Islam again talked with OC, who also refused to file the FIR, advising Mr. Islam instead to file a General Diary (a notation of the incident).

Mr. Islam then filed a GD with the Shabag Police Station being number 1371 dated 24.08.2011 and Mr. Abdul Malek, and Sub Inspector of Shahbag police Station, has been appointed to investigate the incident, but as of the date of writing this report, no investigation has been initiated.

Mr. Islam is shocked about the passive behavior of the police authorities [Mr. Rejaul Karim, OC, Shahabag Police Station, DMP and Mr. Krisna Pad Roy, Deputy Police Commissioner (DC), DMP], who despite Mr. Islam’s attempts to call and report the attack, did not show up to investigate the claims.

July 24, 2011 (death threats):

Mr. Islam received death threat through phone call allegedly by an accused of a case on 24 July 2011. One Hamidur Islam, the co-accused in a criminal case number Thakurgaon police station case No 06/06 filed by Mr. Islam on January 10, 2011 alleging physically assaults and rubbery during an fact finding investigation of human rights violation incident fraudulently called by them has been phoned Mr. Islam using the grammen phone number+88 01751370923 on Sunday night around at 9.32 pm and threatened him to kill if Mr. Islam and other witness to would go to Thakurgaon court being (HAZIRA) present as well as witnessed.

According to query of Mr. Islam, the caller Introducing himself as Hamidur Islam of Gorea further threatened to Mr. Islam using filthy language stating “you have been put me in jail for five month and now I am out of jail by bail. Now I want to see what can you do?” Again he said, “ I will see, how can you being present before the court for witnessed coming from Dhaka to Thakurgaon. One time we left you after a little bit torture and snatched every things, but if we reach you again, no body will find your dead body.” Furthermore he said,” What do you think about you? As a lawyer and also a human rights activist like you, can nothing to do us!” He also said, “You have no idea about our power. So, you had showed your braveness to file case against us after being tortured and losing everything”.  He again said, “if you want to be alive, you will withdraw the case by one weak, otherwise we know how to compel withdraw the case.”

The accused Hamidul Islam asked Mr. Islam to withdraw case and threatened him with life for failing to follow his instruction. He also hurled abusing languages at him and threatened to kill him if the case is not withdrawn immediately. Finally, he cut off the phone. The phone call deeply disturbed and frightened Mr. Islam and he lodged a general diary (GD) being number 1734, dated 25/07/2011in this connection with Mohammadpur Police Station under Dhaka Metropalitan Police.

January 09, 2011 (Physical assault & rubbery):

On the 9th of January, 2011 a fact-finding team composing of Mr. Shahanur Islam and two fact-finding officers, BIHR went to Jharbhanga village under Gorea union in Thakurgaon district fraudulently calling them to investigate the incident of the ill-treatment of a minority woman.

After reaching the spot, the fact-finding team begun to interview the applicant and the local people, 10 to 12 unidentified people came to the spot and questioned the fact-finding team about their reason of present there. One of the perpetrators identified himself as the chairman of the local union Parishad, another one as a member of Parishad. Then the perpetrators trying to accused the fact-finding tem to involve with a recent murder of a young boy and also trading with a stolen motorbike as well as taking part in fraudulent dollar transactions after getting identity and reason of present of fact finding team at there. Suddenly, one of the perpetrators physically attacked Mr. Islam and took away his mobile phone, while he was trying to call the local police station for help.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators also attacked the other two fact-finding officers and took away their mobiles as well.

The perpetrators – threatening the members of the fact-finding team with a pistol - looted the video camera, laptop, secret pen video camera, still camera, documents, money bag and all other valuable belongings of the fact finding team, amounting approximately to  BDT 3,50,000.

When Mr. Islam tried to shout for help, he was again physically attacked. Then the attackers forced the victims - by threatening them with pistol - to pose with dollars while the perpetrators took pictures of them. After taking the pictures, the perpetrators warned the fact-finding team not to inform the police about this incident, otherwise they will get these photos published in the newspapers and kill the victims. Finally the perpetrators fled away on some unregistered motorbikes.

Then Mr. Islam went to the Thakurgaon Police Station and tried to file the case in this connection on the same day. But the officer in charge refused to file it. Rather he sent one Sub inspector Mr. Biswanath with the victim to verify the incident instead of registering the case. But during the verification, the sub inspector forces the victim to back the police station without identifying the spot. On the next day morning Mr. Islam submitted a written First Information Report-FIR (Ezahar) mentioning the incident, but the OC again refused to register it instantly. Rather he asked Mr. Islam to submit a written FIR (EJAHAR) to the duty officer and also told Mr. Islam to back the Dhaka. In accordance with the instruction of OC, Mr. Islam submitted the EJAHAR to duty officer around at 12.30 pm and back to the Dhaka, but the officer in charge registered the case around at 6.15 pm on 10th January, 2011 being number 06/06. Though the case was registered but he did not register it in proper section. He registered the case under 406/420/323/506 (2) of Penal Code instead of 406/420/323/395/506 (2) and arms act with out consulting with Mr. Islam.

On February 04, 2011, the investigation officer arrested one co-accused Hamidul Islam and being present him before the Magistrate Court of Thakurgaon demanding five days remand. But the learned court pleased to issue two days remand. During the remand the arrested accused Hamidul Islam agreed to give confession involving with the incident. But finally, he did not give the confession before the court and the court sent him to the jail custody.

On 3rd March 2011, around at 3.30 pm, Mr. Islam participated the TI Parade in to the Thakurgaon jail and identified the accused Mr. Hamidul Islam amongst others 20 prisoners in presented of senior judicial Magistrate of Thakurgaon district.

Mr. Komal Mohant Chaki, sub inspector of Thakurgaon police station and also the investigation officer of the case told Mr. Islam informally that they know who were involved with the incident but due to some technical reasons they cannot arrest them. He also told Mr. Islam that previously, Mr. Jamal Uddin, Secretary of Jubo League, Youth wings of ruling party of Gorea union unit assured him to recover all the goods, but later due to unknown reason he did not back the looted goods.

On 3rd March, 2011, Mr. Islam asked to Mr. Chaki about the reason of failure to recover the goods as well as arrest the others accused, but he failed to give appropriate answer, only said that he is trying. Further, Mr. Islam asked to arrest Mr. Jamal Uddin but he refused to arrest him showing reasons that he was not present during the incident. Mr. Islam asked him to arrange a TI parade after arresting Mr. Jamal, but he did not take action yet. It is clear to BIHR that due to political influence, the police authority is silent to arrest the perpetrators as well as recover the goods.

December 23, 2012 (arbitrary arrest & ill treatment by policemen):

On 23 December 2009, around at 3.30 Mr. Shahanur Islam is coming from the Hotel Sheraton after attending meeting with an individual human rights expert by bus (8 Number bus) to his office Bijoynagar. while is bus is come at Kakrail Mosque Square a police whose name is Tafizul stopped the bus with out reason and more than one hour he kept it there. Coming out from the bus while Mr. Islam asked to Mr. Tafizul the police official about the reason of stopping the bus, Mr. Tafizul became angry with Mr. Islam and grabbed his collar and locked up him in to the Kakrail Mosque Square a Police Box. While Mr. Islam acquainted himself as a lawyer and human rights defender Mr. Tafizul along with other two police members shouted him with filthy language. They also tried to physically assault. There after they compelled him to sit there more than one hour. Then, they called their senior officer and one police van with 7/8 police members came and started shouting him with slang language again. During the incident, Mr. Atahar, one police officer who came after their calling snatched Mr. Islam’s Mobile phone. Then they tried to lift him in to their police van. In the mean time, the stuff of BIHR reached the spot and started argued with the policemen. At last after more than 3 hours of detaining Mr. Islam has been released around at 6.00 pm. Then while he was coming to the office, a phone call from 01717349340 came to Mr. Islam’s cell phone 01720308080 around at 6.02 pm. While Mr. Islam received the call a person acquainted himself as a member of “Bongabundhu Memorial Trust” and also a Private Secretary of a Barrister started to threaten Mr. Islam stating why Mr Islam did misbehaviour with Sub Inspector Saiful Islam? He also alerted that Mr. Islam will face more suffering immediately.

August 16, 2009 (threatened to implicate false drug case):

On August 16, 2009 early in the day around at 12.21 am, while Mr. Shahanur Islam was sleeping at his resident 27/11/2, Topkhana Road Segun Bagicha, Dhaka arouse by the ring tone of a phone call from 01675029018. Receiving the call when Mr. Islam asked the caller about his identity, the unknown caller asked Mr. Islam to inform his location at that moment without disclosing his identity. Denying disclosing Mr. Islam’s staying location due to his personal security when Mr. Islam again asked the identity of the caller, the unknown callr identified himself as Sagor from Mohakhali and started to threaten him by stating, “You the son of pork, be cautious, yet you have the time to live, but you will not get time in future”. He again said, “You are a business man of ganja (one kind of illegal drug) and you will be arrested with ganja soon as well as die in the jail custody”. When Mr. Islam asked him about his location, he informed that he is from Mohakhali, Dhaka and also asked Mr. Islam to go there otherwise Mr. Islam will be implicated with Drug cases. When Mr. Islam dinned to go there, the caller started to use foul language to Mr. Islam and his family members.  Following the incident to secure his life Mr. Islam registered a General Diary (GD) with the Shahabag Police Station on same date that No. 1141 of 2009, dated August 16, 2009.

June 15 & 16, 2009 (threats):

On 15 June 2009, around at 11.57 P.M, when Mr. Shahanur Islam was waiting to sleep at his resident 27/11/2, Topkhana Road Segun Bagicha, he received a phone call from 01713702555 and asked the caller to inform about his identity. The caller acquainted with him as Babu from Kumar Para under Rajshahi district and threatened him by stating “why are you trying to do more, it will compel you to pay more” and cut off the call. Then at around11.58 P.M, he again called by the same cell phone and threatened him by stating “I am coming soon to punish you properly as you can not run more”and cut off the cell. Later, on 16 June early in the morning at around 12.00 am he again call Mr. Islam by the same cell phone and threatened by sating “when the time will come on favor of him he will show to me how much paddy how much rice” and again cut off the cell without giving no chance to ask him anything.

Thereafter, around at 12.08 A.M, Mr. Babu further called Mr. Islam by another cell Phone number 01715122888 and again acquainted with him as Babu from Kumar Para under Rajshahi district and starting to use filthy language by stating “mother fucker, i will fuck you along with your mother and sister”. When Mr. Islam asked him about the reason of this kind of misbehavior, he threatened him to put bamboo in to his anus stating “son of bitch, I will put bamboo in to your anus.” He again said, “You have been keeping me psychological pressure for last three months”. When Mr. Islam asked how he has been keeping him psychological pressure where he did not know him? He said, “I   know you better and when i will come to you to teach properly, then you will know how you have been keeping me psychologically pressure for last three months, otherwise it is not possible to understand you.” He further said, “be cautious to do your activity and do not try to involve every sector of society, otherwise you will suffer more and more.” He also threatened him by stating, “i have total record of your daily activities as where are you go? What do you do, etc? So, it is so easy for me to locate and reach you any time any moment as my desire”. Being afraid, Mr. Islam tried to file a general diary to the concern police station but unfortunately the concerned police stations denied to register it and also tried to discourage him to file general diary.

May 24, 2009 (Intimidation by RAB):

On 24 May 2009 at evening Mr. Shahanur Islam went to Shariyatpur district to file a case against 16 accuseds including 7 members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)-08, Madaripur Zone, charging on murder by torturing during the time of emergency under section 302, 109, 34 and 506 of Penal Code with the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court in Shariyapur district by one Ret’d Army men Mr. Abdur Rahman Khan, father of the dead person (victim) Mr. Afjal Hossin with the help of Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR), under its legal and humanitarian activities to promote and protect human rights with the vision of making a torture and extra judicial execution free Bangladesh. One of the accused Mr. Quayser Ahmed is an acting Assistant Superintend of Police (ASP) level official of RAB. When Mr. was staying at Shariyatpur town, some of the law enforcing agencies men clothing civil dress was following him continuously.

May 25, 2009 (Intimidation by RAB):

On 25 May 2009, around at 11.00 am, submitting the complaint with the court, when Mr. Islam was waiting to meet with pressmen as well as allegation accepting hearing against the RAB, one of the accused RAB member Mr. Anis clothing civil dress came before the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court ground, Shariyatpur and tried to influence Mr. Islam to withdraw the complaint and also intimidated and pressurized him.

Around at 6.00 pm Mr. Anis along with other 7 to 8 RAB personnel from RAB-8, Matheripur, clothing civil dress by a pickup van came to the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court ground and looked for Mr. Islam. They asked some of the local people about the staying location of Mr. Islam. They also went to the Reporters Unity office of Shariyatpur district and looked for Mr. Islam and also asked some of the journalist about Mr. Islam. On May 26, 2009, around at 11. A.m. the RAB team led by Mr. Anis again went the Court ground and Reporters Unity Office look for Mr. Islam as well as asked the local people and journalist  to inform about him. They also tried to influence the local people and journalist to inform about Mr. Islam.

Mr. Shahanur Islam is apprehending that any time the RAB Men can arrest him and implicated with false and concocted allegation as well as torture him brutally. He also apprehending that they can kidnap him by themselves or third party. Here specially mentioned that one of the accused person Quaiyum Ahmed (Accused number -01), is now discharging his duty at Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) as an Assistance Police commissioner. 

April 13, 2009 (Intimidation by DGFI):

On April 13, 2009 Mr. Shahanur Islam was intimidated by a filed officer of (Sub Inspector Level Official) of Directorate General Forces of Intelligence (DGFI), named Owali Ullah, while he was waiting for speaking with Media men after filing a petition case on charging attempt to murder by torturing with the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court (CMM) Dhaka against three men including a Major of Army named Sarwar of 17, East Bengle Regiment, Dhaka by the prominent manpower businessman Md. Samsuddin Ahmed with the help of Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) and the case was moved before the court by Adv. Shahanur Islam, Programme Manager-Legal & Human Rights of BIHR

After filing the case when Mr. Shahanur Islam came out from the CMM court, an officer of law enforcing agencies with plain cloth followed him until Mr. Islam was reached in front the office room of Court Reporters Unity, Judge Court, Dhaka, where the plain clothing unknown person asked him about the case that was filed against the Army Major. When Mr. Islam asked him to disclose his identity, he introduced himself as Mr. Owalur Rahman, a Field Officer (Sub Inspector Level Official) of Directorate General Forces of Intelligence (DGFI). Then DGFI officer interrogated him regarding the case. During interrogation, he asked Mr. Islam “why he moved the case on behalf the complainant? How he was connected with the case? What is the relation between the complainant and Mr. Islam? What is the interested of Mr. Islam in this case? How was he being confirmed about the identity of alleged Army Officer? Whether Mr.Islam has legal authority to file the case against the Army Officer? How long he was connected with the organization? Who is the chief of the organization etc? Mr. Islam replied every query in simply language with cordially. But the DGFI personnel alarmed him that he would intervene the matter, if he found the incident is false, he would take step against both of the complainant and Mr. Islam. He also collected a copy of complaint and intimidated Mr. Islam not to give any statement to the media or others regarding the case due to case was filed against the Army Major.

April 14, 2009 (threats by DGFI):

On April 14, 2009, an unknown phone call has come to Mr. Islam’s cell phone Number 01720308080 from Cell Phone Number 01814653119. Receiving the call while Mr. Islam asked his identity, the caller introduced him as Mr. Owali Ullah, Field officer of DGFI and also told that he was met with Mr. Islam following day. Then he told with shouting to Mr. Islam that why he did not follow his prohibition regarding to give statement to the media? He again told with angry that he did not reach Major Sarwar at 17, East Bengle Regiment and ordered Mr. Islam to find out the alleged Major Sarwar, otherwise he would face more suffering. He also used rough language at that time.

March 18 & 19, 2009 (death threats):

On March 18, 2009 around at 11.15 a.m. when Mr. Shahanur Islam Saikot was working at Bangladesh Institution Human Rights at 27, Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka-1000, he received a call from a person; the cell phone number was displayed as 01937690054. Mr. Islam asked the caller to identify himself. The caller did so only as Billu and starting to verbally abuse him. In response Mr. Islam inquired as to the reason of the call and the purpose of the vulgar language. Billu replied by threatening to kill Mr. Islam  

On March 19, 2009 Mr. Shahanur again received call from the same phone Number. Once again the caller identified himself as Billu and begun to verbally abuse him and threatened him to kill immediately. He also warned him to take mental preparation about his death.

The phone call deeply disturbed and frightened Mr. Islam who in response immediately filed a General Diary at the Peltan Police Station of DMP (Paltan Police Station G. D.  No-1409; Dated: 19.03.2009). In it he made a statement about the two threats he received over the phone.

February 28 & March 01, 2009 (death threats):

On February 28th, 2009 at 11.28 a.m., while Mr. Shahanur Islam Saikot was working at his desk at the Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights, (BIHR) he received a phone call. Mr. Islam asked the caller to identify himself. The caller did so only as Pintu and starting to verbally abuse him. In response Mr. Islam inquired as to the reason of the call and the purpose of the vulgar language. Pintu replied by threatening to murder Mr. Islam by way of a gun shot to the head. Mr. Islam received a second phone call at 11.32 a.m. Once again the caller identified himself at Pintu and begun to verbally abuse him. This time, the caller stated that not only does he intend to murder him, but that he intends to do so that same day. The phone conversation ended with Pintu advising Mr. Islam to mentally prepare for his impending death.

The phone call deeply disturbed and frightened Mr. Islam who in response immediately filed a General Diary at the Peltan Police Station of DMP (No-2281). In it he made a statement about the two threats he received over the phone.

On March 01st, 2009 at 9.52 a.m., Pintu called Mr. Islam again and restated his threat to murder, this time claiming he would do so immediately. Please visit the following links to know more about the case:

This is not any isolated instance of such kind of attacked, harassment, threats, death threats, physical assult, intimidation on human rights defenders in Bangladesh. It is a very common phenomenon for the professionals like human rights defenders of Bangladesh facing from the terrorist, law-enforcing agencies and security forces. It is well known that Bangladesh has cultivated one of the best cultures of impunity to alleged perpetrators of human rights abuses despite the nation’s presence in the UN Human Rights Council since May 2006. Instead of improving the country’s human rights records the government of Bangladesh has paved the ways to degrade the rights of the citizens through various means of violations.This is of particular concern given the fact that numerous urgent appeals and statements from various international organizations have been sent out requesting accurate police investigation and protection for Mr Islam, but yet no proper action has been taken.