Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NEWS: GHRD Symposium: Grassroots protection of minority rights

Mumbai, 7 November 2011
GHRD successfully concluded its three day symposium: grass roots protection of minority rights, in Mumbai, India in November 7 . The symposium brought together 25 local partners, NGOs, journalists, and lawyers from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh active in the field of human rights, on the issues of human trafficking, Dalits, and religious and indigenous rights.

The three day symposium provided a platform for GHRDs partner to network and exchange experiences on human rights in their countries, and the results of the Fight Modern Slavery campaign was presented. The symposium was also aimed at strengthening partnerships between Europe and Asia through capacity and trainings on fact finding and human rights documentation, project management, and EU funding.

Finally, a joint manifesto calling for minority rights in South Asia was developed by the participants on three thematic working groups: Poverty, caste and Dalit rights, Trafficking in humans, and minorities in Bangladesh.

Amongst the participating organizations were MAITI Nepal, JusticeMakers Bangladesh, Parrittran (Dalit rights Bangladesh), Kapaeng Foundation Bangladesh, Village Development Foundation Nepal, and Jabala Action (India).

Unfortunately, the Pakistani participants were denied their VISA to enter India, but Naveed Walter, Human Rights Focus Pakistan, participated through skype.

The final outcome and manifesto was presented at a press conference on the final day, with some 15 journalists from print and online press attending.

The manifesto will be presented by some of the partners to European authorities and international organizations at GHRDs conference at the European Parliament, in Brussels on December 8th, in celebration of international human rights day.
Attending press conference:

  1. Sradhanand Sital, Chairman Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD), Netherlands

  2. Naveed Walter, Director, Human Rights Focus Pakistan (via skype)

  3. Jenny Lundstrom, human rights officer, Global Human Rights Defence, Netherlands

  4. Shahanur Islam, Executive Director, Justice Makers Bangladesh

  5. Bikash Das, Parittran, (Dalit rights Bangladesh

  6. Janeit Gurung, program officer Maiti Nepal

  7. Baitali Ganguly, Director, Jabala Action, India
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